Since it’s a double sided sign, can I have different designs on each side?
Yes! A lot of our clients have more than one promotion running at one time, and we support different designs with no extra cost for design time. Please refer to price list for plans.

I’m not a creative person. Can you help me with the design, or give me ideas if I just give you the promotions?
Absolutely. Whether you don’t want to handle design or don’t have the time for it, our experienced designers can help you create your vision.

If I use your photography service for my products, can I use the photos elsewhere, such as Facebook?
We will provide you with a copy of your product photos with our watermark placed on them, so you can use it on Facebook, Twitter, or other online spaces.  Any other reproduction of the image, such as for printing, cannot be used without our permission.

Can I order multiple signs and tell you when they need to be changed?
Yes. We encourage our customers to plan ahead to save time. If we can design all or some of the promos ahead of time, this will help in a smooth transition from one sign change to the next. The sooner we know, the better!

Can I carry over sign changes after my contract is done?
No. A contract’s sign changes are fixed to that contract. When your contract term is done, your sign changes do not get carried over. If you feel you have too few/too many changes in your contract, we offer the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan.  Please refer to pricing guide.

What happens if I want to change my sign after my contract is done?
You have two options available after contract expiration: you can pay the normal printing and design costs to change the sign, or you can start another contract term.